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What is a Balinese ?

Blue Point Balinese

Grand Champion Aprikat Silversensation - Blue Point Balinese


A Balinese is a longhaired Oriental type cat, developed solely from Balinese and Siamese (genotype) breeding. The coat is long, fine and silky and flows mainly flat along the body due to the absence of undercoat. The bone structure, coat colour and pattern is that retained from its Siamese breeding, which is strong, as pedigrees may only contain Balinese, Siamese and the intermediate generation referred to as a Balinese Variant. It follows naturally that no Balinese conforming to the above definition can have less than three generations of acceptable breeding in its immediate background.

Seal Tabby Point Balinese

UK Grand Premier Aprikat Striking Dash - Seal Tabby Point Balinese


The Balinese first appeared in America in the 1940s when longhaired kittens regularly appeared in Siamese to Siamese matings. The breeders in America who decided to breed the longhairs carefully preserved the Siamese background and permitted no other breeds in their breeding. Therefore it can safely be said that the Balinese are derived only from Balinese and Siamese bloodlines.

The Balinese have full championship status throughout the United States.

Cream Point Balinese

Grand Champion & UK Grand Premier Chanteur Tahitee Sunrise - Cream Point Balinese

Balinese in Britain

In 1973 a Balinese male and his Variant daughter were imported. No other Balinese were imported until 1978/9 when one male and five females came to Britain. Balinese achieved Championship status in 1986 but Balinese breeding stock is still limited, and matings to Siamese are still encouraged to widen the gene pool.

Cream Tabby Point Balinese

Grand Premier Aprikat Sullivan - Cream Tabby Point Balinese

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